Mind Palace of the Mushroom God by DUNGEON WEED (Fuzzy Mind 007)

Doom-laden wizard sludge conjured during the initial months of the Pandemic.

“Some seriously demented doom with fuzzy ass heavy psych and nightmarish melody. Shit is thick, yet alarmingly delightful.” ~Doom Charts

“Holy heavy metal thunder! Mind Palace Of The Mushroom God creates a dark, dank, smoke filled atmosphere that warps your senses with a combination of plodding, percussive blasts, synthesizer and heavy, mind melding fuzz. Enter now valiant listener.” ~Jamey Morris, Fistful of Doom

“The eyeball blasting black light poster artwork says it all. This is exactly what you think it is and frankly, it sounds even better than it looks. Mind Palace of the Mushroom God is a shamelessly nostalgic Black Sabbath and Electric Wizard trip, but it’s laced with enough synthy psychedelic touches that it’s not derivative rehash, but rather a iridescent melting of stoner/doom’s sturdy castle walls.” ~Heavy Blog is Heavy

“One of the best and most original stoner/doom-records of all time.” ~Electric Stoner

“The filthiness and the sheer gnarliness of both the album’s production and its musical execution is its biggest asset and makes this album such a delight to listen to.” ~Desert Psychlist


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