Noncognitive Thang by BUG FIEND (Fuzzy Mind 011)

The mutant love child of Ornette Coleman, Electric Miles, James Blood Ulmer, Captain Beefheart, and Milford Graves which can only be described as “Electro-Harmolodic-Funk Deconstructionism.”


The Eye of the Icosahedron by DUNGEON WEED (Fuzzy Mind 010)

The Journey continues in this psychedelic doom classic. Dungeon Weed follows up 2020’s The Mind Palace of the Mushroom God with an epic double album.

The Eye of the Icosahedron is not an album for the faint-hearted,
it does have moments of gentleness and quiet reflection but those
moments are just the precursor for some of the most gloriously scuzzy
distorted and discordant doom and sludge you are likely to hear this side
of the Apocalypse.
” – Desert Psych List

Goodbye God! Here Comes Electric Jimbot by Electric Jimbot (Fuzzy Mind 009)

What would happen if Tangerine Dream was remastered by Throbbing Gristle? The answer to this important question is Goodbye God! Here Comes Electric Jimbot. The debut album of analog Moog improvisations from San Francisco’s mysterious ELECTRIC JIMBOT evokes the sound of cosmic insects via hallucinogenic radio signals from another reality. Take a guided trip into the background noise of the universe with this synthesizer freakout! Another cutting edge album brought to you by Fuzzy Mind!

Ta Deka Agapimena Tou Dmitri (The Ten Favorites of Dmitri) by Kosmos G (Fuzzy Mind 008)

Fuzzy Mind is pleased to welcome back Kosmos G for his 2nd album, Ta Deka Agapimena Tou Dmitri (The Ten Favorites of Dmitri). Multi-instrumentalist Kosmos G found himself inspired by a top ten list of Greek rebetika favorites compiled by Fuzzy Mind founder Dmitri Mavra. Once again Kosmos G re-imagines classic bouzouki stoner music of the 1930s through the lens of electronica, covering everything from “space age bachelor pad” music to contemporary trip hop. OPA!

Mind Palace of the Mushroom God by DUNGEON WEED (Fuzzy Mind 007)

Doom-laden wizard sludge conjured during the initial months of the Pandemic.

“Some seriously demented doom with fuzzy ass heavy psych and nightmarish melody. Shit is thick, yet alarmingly delightful.” ~Doom Charts

“Holy heavy metal thunder! Mind Palace Of The Mushroom God creates a dark, dank, smoke filled atmosphere that warps your senses with a combination of plodding, percussive blasts, synthesizer and heavy, mind melding fuzz. Enter now valiant listener.” ~Jamey Morris, Fistful of Doom

“The eyeball blasting black light poster artwork says it all. This is exactly what you think it is and frankly, it sounds even better than it looks. Mind Palace of the Mushroom God is a shamelessly nostalgic Black Sabbath and Electric Wizard trip, but it’s laced with enough synthy psychedelic touches that it’s not derivative rehash, but rather a iridescent melting of stoner/doom’s sturdy castle walls.” ~Heavy Blog is Heavy

“One of the best and most original stoner/doom-records of all time.” ~Electric Stoner

“The filthiness and the sheer gnarliness of both the album’s production and its musical execution is its biggest asset and makes this album such a delight to listen to.” ~Desert Psychlist

Strange Vibration by Skunk (Fuzzy Mind 004)

Now Available!

SKUNK is behind the times. They like it that way. Led Zeppelin, Kiss, Black Sabbath, the James Gang, Grand Funk Railroad, Nazareth, these are just some of the influences listeners report hearing in SKUNK’S debut album DOUBLEBLIND. With heavy riffs exhumed from the early 1970s and blistering vocals that evoke the great Bon Scott and Budgie’s Burke Shelley, SKUNK summons the specter of vintage rock like a necromancer in a stoned-out trance, DOUBLEBLIND garnered enthusiastic reviews and spent two months on the Doom Charts. Their new album, STRANGE VIBRATION, mines much of the same early 70s rock vibes as the debut, but with a few more puffs of prog. From the Sir Lord Baltimore-esque “Goblin Orgy” (yes, the actual cowbell used by Sir Lord Baltimore appears on this album!) to the wizard rock, mellotron-tinged epic “The Black Crown,” or the Rush-like 7/4 groove of “Light and Shade,” SKUNK shows once again that the past is yet to come.

“What has me fired up is their authentic seventies sound, right down to the cowbell…This will most likely be a Top 10 album of 2017. Even candidate for album of the year for me…The only question is what year are we in? This is flashback city for me, taking me back to the streets of your glory days, circa 1972.” (Doomed & Stoned)

“The Zeppelinesque bluesy swagger hooks you with its deep piercing groove and the solos gas the airwaves with a venom of lethal fuzz.” (The Ripple Effect)

“Doubleblind is an album that delivers on all levels with Skunk serving up, over the course of eight gloriously addictive songs, wave upon wave of crunching proto-metal riffage…” (Desert Psychlist)

“This quintet from California returns in full splendor to present a righteous share of 70’s rooted Rock, totally bluesy and more than retro.” (Roundtrip)

Elektrik Teke by Kosmos G (Fuzzy Mind 003)

ELEKTRIK TEKE, by multi-instrumentalist Kosmos G, presents a bold reimagining of nine classic Greek Rebetika songs. Rebetika, the legendary music of the 1930s Greek underworld, merges exotic scales and rhythms with tales of hashish-smoking tough guys. But in the hands of Kosmos G, a kaleidoscopic array of fragments of genres past cling to the songs as he yanks them up from their pre-war origins, smashing through one decade after another en route to the future. The careful listener will hear rock, jazz, funk, muzak, space age bachelor pad, exotica, electronica, trip hop, new wave, synthwave and much more. Is it the Resident’s scoring an episode of Knight Rider that takes place in Greece? Zorba tripping with Esquivel at Studio 55? Or down tempo electronica for the modern day hash den?

Kosmos G has spent over a decade playing accordion, violin, and baglama in the Disciples of Markos, one of the longest-running traditional Rebetika ensembles in the world, in addition to a lifetime playing jazz, rock, and folk, composing soundtracks, and working as a music educator.

Available on CD and digital download.